Revenue Cycle Management

 Our 30+ years of experience in this ever changing world of healthcare enables us to improve your revenue growth.  The customized solutions we tailor to you allow you to get paid faster and more efficiently.  We take the hassles out of managing your billing  operations 

Practice Management

When you find a practice management system and work with it ... you stick with it.  Just as we stick with our clients. Our comprehensive software allows us to customize it to our clients needs while still providing back end delivery of efficiency in RCM.

Electronic Medical Records

Preferred Billing Associates LLC provides Electronic Medical Records  solutions for licensed physicians in a variety of specialties. Our EMR  is designed to allow practices to instantly access patient records  either in-house or remotely and to help manage the flow of patients  treated by the practice. The system also serves as a secure way for  practices to communicate with the referring physician to facilitate the  exchange of notes and data regarding patient diagnosis and treatment. 


Our pricing varies from client to client depending on the services contracted. We offer a percentage base rate from 2-6%  or a flat rate fee. Contact our office to see what pricing best applies to your practices needs.



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