Sometimes our experience says it all!


Preferred Billing Associates LLC offers the "Complete Billing  Solution". We are a team of business minded, forward thinking and  efficient Revenue Cycle Management professionals. We recognize the  billing process, including dealing with the insurance companies can be a  time consuming and frustrating one.

Our focus is to take that frustration out of the provider's office  and allowing them to focus on patient care. Preferred Billing  Associates, LLC has been working with physicians throughout the US  encompassing the many specialties of billing including: Cardiology,  Dermatology, Orthopaedic, Physical Therapy, Rheumatology, Neurology,  Surgical, Chiropractic, Internal Medicine, General Medicine, Mental  Health and Ambulance transport since 1995.

PBA has an acute understanding of how the system works and our  professionally trained staff is current on all of the latest regulatory  guidelines, ensuring that the billing process goes smoothly and that all  of your claims are expedited in a timely and stress-free manner. We  offer a full suite of RCM Services, EMR Services and Practice Management Services

We value our clients as much as our clients value us.  The relationship is always right because we work with tailoring our services to accommodate our CLIENTS needs, not ours.   

Just look what many have to say.....


I have used Preferred Billing Associates for over 15 years in my psychotherapy practice. Their team is efficient, helpful and respectful of my particular line of work as well as my patients needs. 

Reliable, dedicated, and professional! We have been with this team for over 18 years and I am impressed their quality of work! They are amazing. 

Our experience with Preferred Billing Associates over the past 10 years has been exceptional.  The industry expertise of Sylvia and her team is evident. Their in depth knowledge has allowed us to maximize our reimbursement. This team is an integral part of our past and future success.